The Perfect Lighting For Your Televised Sporting Event


The vital link from concept, planning, bidding, resourcing, managing, and installing the perfect lighting for your televised sporting event.

International sports events, such as Olympic Games, have known start dates and times often years in advance.

New suppliers to the sports event market consider there is plenty of time to do everything with time to spare. This could not be further from the truth.

Unlike theatre or live music tours, sports events do not have technical rehearsals or long build up or testing periods if at all, due to the complexity and cost of organizing test events.

They tend to be limited in scale and the number of venues they involve.  “Being late,” or “non-delivery of suitable performance is not an option,” as the deadline is clearly defined well in advance and immoveable.

If you are serious about supplying these events, then there are three key questions you should already be asking…

  • When should we be ready?

  • What is suitable performance?

  • What steps do we need to take to be operationally ready?


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